Niger Coalition of Business and Professional Associations (NICOBPA)

NICOBPA is a coalition of all business and professional associations operating in Niger State. Our activities are aimed at bolstering the economy of the state by advocating for a conducive environment to businesses and the professions generally… Read more

Vision Statement

To make Niger State a place where every entrepreneur thrives

Our Mission Statement

To build an environment for prosperity and economic development; through policy reform, advocacy, networking and stakeholders engagements.

Our Core Activities

We seek to support the economy of Niger State by creating a level playing ground for businesses and professions. This will be undertaken through policy reforms, advocacy, stakeholders’ engagements and networking.

In furtherance of this, NICOBPA in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has successfully carried out the following activities… Read more

Member Organisation

The coalition is made up of 24 registered independent business and professional associations within Niger State. Read more

NICOBPA is an organisation with vision and purpose and what amount you donated will be used mostly for the benefits of our people in Niger State